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Trump To Focus On Law And Order, Clinton's Legacy of Weakness

Cleveland, Ohio – It’s here. Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee, is set to address the Republican National Convention. It will be centered on the eight years of failed leadership under the Obama administration, the breakdown of law and order, and Hillary Clinton’s legacy of weakness and death. And I’m not joking about that latter part.


Trump will hit Clinton hard about peddling the serial failure that is “smart power” that has led to chaos in Libya, Syria, and the growth of the Islamic State. Politico leaked the draft of his remarks prior to the kick-off of the RNC’s final day in Cleveland. Based on the draft, he will also hit her on her email fiasco, noting that her only accomplishment in life might be getting away from being criminally charged for mishandling classified information. FBI Director James Comey had said that Clinton and her team were “extremely careless” in safeguarding such sensitive material while she was at the State Department.

The billionaire, now-Republican nominee will also hit about the decay that has struck the various communities in the country, especially in the cities—the targeting of law enforcement officers, and the chaos that has unfolded due to the Obama administration’s immigration policy. As for trade, he will be shifting the typical Republican line of free trade, instead opting for smarter trade deals that will bring back jobs to American shores.


It’s a lengthy speech outlining his plan that will help sow back together America’s fraying socioeconomic fabric—and…make America great again. Stay tuned.

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