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BREAKING: Reports Of A Possible Coup In Turkey; UPDATE: Military Says It's In Control; UPDATE: Maybe Not?; UPDATE: Coup Over?

UPDATE: There are reports that the coup will not be successful, and that things are winding down. Nevertheless, there are reports of gunfire being exchanged between police and the military. Bomb blasts have rocked the parliament building. And CNN Turk has just been shut down by pro-coup forces.

There are reports of a possible coup in Turkey. It should also be noted that President Erdogan's request for asylum was denied by the Germans, but he's reportedly back in Istanbul now--a sign that the coup won't succeed (possibly). 


UPDATE: ABC News confirms a coup is underway.

UPDATE II: Turkish PM says some troops disobeyed orders, and are trying to takeover the government.

Via The Hill, there are reports of a social media blackout, while Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that a contingent of troops disobeyed orders and have tried to takeover the government. Troops have been seen in the capital of Ankara and Isntanbul. Yildirim promises to punish the conspirators.

UPDATE III: It's done. The military says it has taken over the country, with the head of the Turkish Armed Forces being taken hostage.


UPDATE IV: Statement could have been representative of the rogue officers, not the entire military

UPDATE V: Via NYT, Turkish PM pushes back against claims that the military has taken over saying, “The government elected by the people remains in charge. This government will only go when the people say so.”

USA Today added that the location of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is unknown; he was on vacation when this action was executed. So, we have conflicting narratives. The Turkish PM says that the elected government is in control.


UPDATE VI: Associated Press, Reuters report that the military has taken over. We have two conflicting views. We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE VII: All flights from Ataturk Airport have been cancelled.

UPDATE VIII: Turkish President reportedly safe, as airports close and a curfew is imposed.

UPDATE IX: Martial law has been declared.

UPDATE X: Turkish President tells people to take to the streets.


UPDATE XI: Turkish President is reportedly seeking asylum in Germany.

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