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Same Old, Same Old: New Ad Brutally Shows How Bill And Hillary Clinton Are Nothing But Liars

A super PAC supporting Donald Trump launched their first salvo against the Clintons, hitting them for being nothing more than the “same old” liars we saw when they were running the country and the State Department. The ad juxtaposes Hillary’s defense of the use of her private email server with former President Bill Clinton denying sexual relations with then-intern Monica Lewinsky.


Of course, Hillary Clinton did not turn over all of her emails, and she deleted some 30,000 emails that were deemed personal, which is a violation of the Federal Records Act. She claims she did not send classified information, not only did she send and receive such communications, she instructed her then-deputy chief of staff at State, Jake Sullivan, to remove the classified markers on a sensitive document and send it through an unsecure channel. So far, over 2,000 classified emails were held on Clinton’s private server, a server we now know would not have been approved if she had brought this matter (contrary to her claims that she did) before State Department officials. It was not “absolutely permitted.” Clinton has been exposed pervasively for her half-truths and dishonesty on this issue, which has impacted her with voters. Not saying that Trump’s numbers on this subject are better, but by a two-to-one margin—people view him as more honest and trustworthy than Clinton.

As for Bill, we all know he lied about his affair with Ms. Lewinsky. The ad effectively conveys that the power couple simply cannot be trusted.

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