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Jake Tapper Takes Clinton To The Woodshed Over Claim That Private Email Server Was 'Absolutely Permitted'

CNN’s Jake Tapper looked into the claims Hillary Clinton made about the use of her email server during her interview on CBS’ Face The Nation on May 8, 2016. The video he did in collaboration with completely once again exposed the former secretary of state isn’t being truthful concerning her position that it her setup was “absolutely permitted.”

Here’s what she said last weekend:

As I’ve said many times, there was…it was absolutely permitted and I did it. And it turned out to be a mistake. It wasn’t the best choice.

“Is that true? Was Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for official business while she was Secretary of State ‘absolutely permitted’?” asked Tapper. “No, that’s no true. She says that because she permitted herself and there was no one absolutely prohibiting her,” he added.

In October of 2015, Tapper asked Clinton who signed off on allowing her to use this private email system. Clinton was adamant that this “allowed under the rules of the State Department.”

Tapper then says that emails sent outside the government system were allowed, but they had to be preserved for the public record prior to leaving office. She did not turn over those emails until 21 months after she had left the Obama administration. A federal judge said she failed to follow “government policy on preserving government records.” Her use of private email for all official business was “inconsistent with long-established policies and practices…governing all federal agencies.”

A 2009 regulation from the National Archives and Records Administration explicitly states that all communications  on systems “not operated by the agency” must be preserved, but Clinton didn’t do that either. Tapper ends his fact check by saying Clinton’s system was unusual, highly discouraged, and did not abide by federal regulations.

The amount of lies Clinton has spewed throughout the course of this campaign is extensive. Not only did she skirt federal regulations, this system was setup apparently to circumvent transparency requests. It was highly vulnerable to hacking, one Romanian (Guccifer), has reportedly already done so with relative ease. Oh, and there were classified emails on that server—104 of them written by Clinton herself.

Yep, secrecy, and playing by their own rules—it’s the same old Clintons.

“A reminder to all the politicians out there. You’re perfectly entitled to your own opinions, not to your own facts,” Tapper said.

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