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On Tuesday, the outspoken Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart News visited DePaul University, which devolved into a total fiasco when Black Lives Matter activists hijacked the event. Heat Street reported that this was part of Yiannopoulos’ “Dangerous Faggot” speaking tour, which sends social justice warriors’ blood pressure through the roof since Milo is unapologetic about his stances on anti-feminism, race, and free speech. In other words, he’s injecting some reality into the student bodies of these various campuses for showing them that there are other views in the world, some of which they may not like. Nevertheless, event devolved into chaos, with one Black Lives Matter activist ripping the microphone from the moderator and shouting at Yiannopoulos, who appeared calm and collected. The reason for the disruption: Mr. Yiannopoulos spreads hate speech, or something (via The College Fix):


Roughly 15 minutes into Yiannopoulos’s kickoff question-and-answer session with a CR member about his recent controversies and political statements, a once-homeless student and youth activist named Edward Ward marched up the aisle blowing a whistle. Ten to 15 protesters headed for the stage to join Ward.

After seeing that administrators weren’t doing anything, some pro-Yiannopoulos attendees went on stage to argue with the protesters.

During the argument, Yiannopoulos called a black Republican student, Kati Danforth, up to the stage. That didn’t help the situation: When Danforth tried to reason with the protesters, they shouted her down.

Following minutes of arguing between the two groups, CRs President Nicole Been announced that anyone on stage would be removed upon the arrival of Chicago police, whom campus security had called for help.

But when Chicago police arrived, they did not remove protesters, though administrators made faint attempts to talk to them.

Milo also paid $1000 for security, which did nothing to remove the unruly protesters from the grounds. He also reportedly got into a tense exchange with Ward, where graphic language was hurled and threats of violence were made (via Heat Street):

Before the event DePaul asked Milo him to pay $1,000 for security costs—only, he points out, to then fail to intervene when his tormentors stormed the stage. He told Heat Street: “I will be asking for my money back.

“What I’m surprised by is that the security, which I paid a thousand dollars for otherwise they threatened they would cancel [the event], refused to remove somebody from the stage who threatened to hit me. It’s so shocking, It’s a whiny loser’s move to sue but I want my money back. It’s up to them if they give me the money back but I will publish articles asking for it back.


“The extent to which Black Lives Matter is counter-productive to its own cause is incredible. They have no understanding of no political strategy. I’m happy for them to do it because it furthers my objective.”

Milo unsurprisingly rejected the accusation made to Heat Street by protest ringleader Edward Ward that Milo had threatened his safety: “It’s pretty obvious whose safety was at risk. This idea that making jokes about feminism could prompt a massacre is plainly preposterous.”

Milo said Ward had reacted unfavorably to his provocative compliments on his appearance: “He threatened to hit me because I said, ‘If you weren’t such an obnoxious c**t, I might even hit on you’, as he was prowling the stage. He walked up to me and said, ‘Don’t f**king try me, I’ll lay you out.’ ”

Milo added: “I don’t want it [the disruption] to happen. I would much rather finish the event because I had a lot of good jokes that 550 people didn’t get to see. That was irritating but when it does happen, it doesn’t exactly do any damage.”


Heat Street added that DePaul President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider had apologized to Yiannopoulos, and that he was “ashamed” for his institution that this event was shut down. As Reason’s Robby Soave noted, Milo is a Trump supporter. I’m not a huge fan of the billionaire, but Mr. Trump and his supporters have every right to hold rallies, town halls, and other speaking engagements without disruption. Milo is right in the sense that Tuesday’s fiasco only helps the real estate magnate.

That being said, speaking in generalities, liberals need to also understand that hate speech is free speech. Now, you can still challenge those ideas that fall within the realm of neo-Nazism (or any view you find offensive) since they’re truly awful, but acting like an idiot, shutting down public venues, and rioting, as we’ve seen from the left regarding Trump-related events doesn’t help anyone.

Oh, and to boot—this was reportedly shouted at Milo at the event:

Bravo, liberals … bravo.

Liberal insanity didn’t just occur this week. In April DePaul’s Black Student Union went so far as to accuse the College Republican chapter of a hate crime for engaging in pro-Trump chalkings across campus.


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