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First Amendment Phonies

Oh My: DePaul's College Republican Chapter Accused of Committing A Hate Crime Over Trump-like Chalkings

Well, the chalkings that have been popping up across college campuses, mostly drawn to show support for Donald Trump, has reached a new level of idiocy: they’re hate crimes. No, seriously, at DePaul University, the Black Student Union accused the school's College Republican chapter of a “hate crime” after a chalking event was organized earlier this month, showing Trump-like slogans, along with others showing support of law enforcement and Israel. Oh, the horror … the horror (via College Fix):


Chalk messages triggered not just students but faculty and staff at the nation’s largest Catholic university.

DePaul University’s Black Student Union accused its College Republicans (CRs) of a hate crime because they organized the April 4 chalking outside the Student Center, with messages that alluded to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and praised police and Israel.

Though BSU representative Michael Lynch told The College Fix that he filed a hate-crime report against the CRs, both the DePaul administration and Public Safety department told The Fix they had not received any such report from Lynch.

In a campus wide email Monday obtained by The Fix, Vice President for Student Affairs Eugene Zdziarski said “many students, faculty and staff found the chalk messages offensive, hurtful and divisive.”

They also violated campus regulations by endangering DePaul’s tax-exempt status, he said – a claim that has been repeatedly challenged by a free-speech legal advocacy group.

The Fix added that DePaul BSU wanted to meet with the CR chapter, but backed out when they reportedly suggested a time. BSU representative said in an email that they would be withdrawing their invitation for a sit-down, saying they’re going to “follow DePaul procedure regarding hate speech incidents on campus.” If you’ve seen the chalkings, there isn’t any swastikas or overtly racist slogans. It says “Make DePaul Great Again.” Only the weakest of the weak of humanity could be offended by this, let along consider it hate speech. This is a concerted anti-First Amendment effort. Full stop. College students can’t stand that some of their peers are pro-Trump. Again, I’m not a fan of the billionaire magnate, but his supporters have a right to voice their opinions, whether that be attending rallies, making signs, wearing campaign swag, or drawing innocuous Trump-esque slogans on campus. This country is full of differing opinions. We’re not North Korea, though I feel some students want to recreate that atmosphere here, where only one opinion (left-leaning of course) is accepted. I’m sure these same students would change their minds after being hung upside down and tortured for days, but, alas, we’re not an authoritarian dictatorship, though these social justice warriors are in many ways just too dumb to see that they support the ethos of it.


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