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Trainwreck: MSNBC Reporter Caught Telling Clinton Comms. Director Her Line Of Questioning For Live Interview

Is it MSNBC or MSDNC? The latter being a quip among some on the right since the liberal network’s main purpose for a long time seemed to be keeping the Democratic base’s blood pressure at healthy levels. That accusation was reinforced after the Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan last night, where the liberal network had a rather awkward exchange between host Ari Melber, reporter Kristen Welker, and the Clinton campaign’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri.


Obviously experiencing delays, Melber cut to Welker, who was caught telling the top Clinton aide, and former White House communications director, her line of questioning for the interview on live television. Welker stopped the interview twice due to technical issues, or delays, but the Washington Free Beacon caught the slow-motion trainwreck in the spin room (via WFB):

“And I’m going to ask you about Flint,” Welker said.

“Kristen, go ahead, you’re live,” Melber said. “You know, we have Kristen Welker. We’re looking at her. She couldn’t quite hear me before. Can you hear me now? If you can, go ahead.”

Welker appeared to be receiving a delayed signal. Finally, she began the interview.

“So Jen, your initial reaction to tonight’s debate? Very fiery,” Welker said.

“Very fiery. Also very substantive,” Palmieri said. “I think it was probably the most substantive exchange that we’ve had. Also, there were a little bit of fireworks, but I think that it was useful because we think–”

Welker then cut over her when she apparently finally heard Melber’s words about starting the interview.

“Ari, I can hear you,” Welker said. “I’m here with communications director Jen Palmeri. Can you guys hear me back in the studio?”

“Yes, we’re on a delay, but go ahead,” Melber said.

“Can you guys hear what we’re saying here?” Welker asked.

“Yes!” Melber said.


It’s rather popcorn-worthy.

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