Trump: I'm Going to Have A Humane Deportation Force

Posted: Nov 13, 2015 3:30 PM

When it comes to dealing with illegal aliens, the Trump administration already plans to create a “humane deportation force to enforce its border security policies. The Free Beacon  clipped parts of Trump’s Wednesday morning interview with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where the billionaire magnate reiterated that there would be an immigration force, a wall with a great beautiful door, and the ability for newly deported illegals to return legally because some of these people are terrific.

Other conservatives are skeptical; noting the costs for such an operation that would round up every illegal alien in the country would be astronomical. Moreover, law enforcement would have to deploy the most un-conservative, and intrusive, police tactics to find these people. George Will once said that, logistically, if we were to find every illegal alien and place him or her on a fleet of Greyhound buses, the line would stretch from San Diego to Alaska. That’s not a practical policy.

Then again, yesterday Ann Coulter told KSAZ-TV anchor Troy Hayden that we have already done this back during the 1950s under the Eisenhower administration (via the Blaze):

Look up Dwight Eisenhower’s. It was called ‘Operation Wetback.’ He started at the border, the troops moved north, they knew the businesses and they knew the homes. They went in and deported them,” said Coulter, who is known for being brash.

“And by the way, Donald Trump, yeah he’s right, you should go after the criminals. I’d go after the law abiding ones to send the message. Law abiding! They are not law abiding if they are illegal immigrants,” she added. “They get the message and then you do what Mitt Romney was saying: enforce e-verify. Make sure only Americans can get jobs. They get the message. They leave on their own.”

What do you think about the cost and possible constitutional issues regarding the Trump deportation force? Is this even possible? Moreover, aren’t we being just as absurd as liberals who think they can confiscate 300-350 million firearms? Yes, both issues are different. We have the right to own firearms enshrined in our Bill of Rights, but this push to find and deport every illegal alien might provide some good spin for anti-gun progressives who can definitively point to the Trump deportation force and say that their confiscation nonsense is, dare I say, possible. The last thing we need right now is giving the anti-gun folks resolve with this current Democratic Party. I’m not sure I want that, though all of this is predicated on the Donald winning the nomination and the general election.