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In the end, Sen. Kay Hagan decided to end her re-election bid with a little help from President Obama. A little odd since Hagan has been distancing herself from the president for the VAST majority of her campaign.


There was the greeting on the tarmac during the American Legion National Convention last summer since both were invited to speak there. But a sign that Obama was more of a detriment than an asset was present in the polling–and Hagan’s refusal to give a straight answer on whether he was a strong leader. It was painful to watch.

Nevertheless, the president has these words to say about Hagan:

North Carolina, we need to send a message this election. If you want to make a difference, here is your chance: Vote for Democrats and Sen. Kay Hagan on November 4th. You know Kay Hagan has been tirelessly creating job opportunities here at home and supporting a higher minimum wage. But Republicans have been cutting investments in education while protecting tax breaks for the wealthy, so let’s send them a message by voting for someone who shares our priorities. Voting is easy, so stand with me, President Obama, and take responsibility in moving North Carolina forward by voting for Kay Hagan on November 4th. A Senator you can count on.


If you look at the early voting numbers, more Democrats have voted in North Carolina this year than in 2010, but it will not be enough to counter the projected Republican turnout today. Hagan’s Obama ad could be a sign that she knows she must maximize Democratic turnout, which was already a monumental obstacle from the beginning.

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