Re: Defending Cao

Posted: Nov 09, 2009 10:03 AM
I normally agree with Quinn Hillyer, but over Rep. Cao, we part ways. 

The fact that Cao represents a horrible district and will probably not be re-elected should have liberated him to do the right thing -- without regard for political considerations.  The fact that he will probably not be re-elected should have reinforced his decision to vote "no" -- instead, it persuaded him to vote "aye". 

Appeasement, of course, never works.  Does Cao really think Democrats will reward him for this?  Does he really think Democrats in Louisiana will prefer a squishy Republican over a real liberal Democrat?

Cao's vote has serious implications, inasmuch as it provides Democrats with the rhetorical cover to argue this was a bipartisan bill. 

Make no mistake, this was a legacy vote.  Cao had one term to make his legacy.  ... And he has.
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