NY-23 Winners and Losers

Posted: Oct 31, 2009 12:46 PM
The Winners

- Sarah Palin - Her surprise endorsement of Hoffman helped cement her status as the favorite candidate of the grassroots conservative "tea party" set.  That could be helpful in Iowa!

- The Club for Growth - Their endorsement was a HUGE sign that Doug Hoffman could realistically compete financially.  It gave everyone a reason to believe the race was 'winnable'. 

- Erick Erickson and RedState.com - RedState stared-down the NRCC and won.  The conservative blogosphere has long been accused of being a paper (or electronic) tiger.  Things have changed. Just as the Netroots were a real force during the Bush years, conservative bloggers are now a powerhouse.  The establishment should take notice...

- Concerned Women of America PAC - They were, I think, first to endorse Hoffman -- and they lobbied others organizations to join the cause.

- David Keene of ACU - One of the first to get behind Hoffman, Keene organized an early conference call for conservative bloggers.

- John McCormack - The Weekly Standard reporter Dede called the cops on.

- Numerous conservative bloggers like Michelle Malkin, Robert Stacy McCain, Ed Morrissey, Dan Riehl -- and many, many more -- who covered the race closely.

- Talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and TV hosts like Glenn Beck who supported Hoffman.

- Numerous conservative organizations, including Susan B. Anthony List.

- Numerous candidates (like Tim Pawlenty) and leaders (like Fred Thompson, Dick Armey and Jim DeMint) who endorsed Hoffman.

The Losers

- 'The Establishment' and 'Old Order' - Ten years ago, Hoffman would have had little chance.  Technology and a changing world have diminished the establishment's power.

- Newt Gingrich - Dede's most high-profile endorser.  (Though, as I have argued, Newt won't be hurt by this).

- John Boehner and Congressional Republican Leadership - Will he be Speaker some day -- even if Republicans win back the House???

- The NRCC - Need I say more?

- Michael Steele and the RNC

- Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and the other presidential hopefuls who stayed on the sidelines.

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