McCain Manager Compares Couric Interview to Roger Mudd

Posted: Apr 28, 2009 10:19 AM
If you haven't read the transcript of Hugh's interview with former McCain campaign Manager Steve Schmidt, you should.

Schmidt's belief that the Sarah Palin interviews conducted by Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric were 'fair' made me wonder if he also thougth they were fair at the time...

But of particular interest to me was Schmidt's contention that the Couric interview was, "the most consequential interview from a negative perspective that a candidate for national office has gone through, not since Roger Mudd interviewed Ten Kennedy in the late 1970s."

As you may recall, Mudd's question -- "Senator, why do you want to be president?"-- and Kennedy's rambling answer -- effectively ended his presidential ambitions.

That's a pretty strong analysis, inasmuch as it implies Palin's national political ambitions were effectively ended by the Couric interview ...