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A Schlafly Movie?'s post on conservative movies generated some good emails (and even an interesting blog posts from a liberal). 

Here's a good email from a conservative reader:

"Hey Matt,

Great post on movies. I'd never thought of Whitaker Chambers (sic) before. But for a true "against all odds" story, how about Phyllis Schlafly fighting the Equal Rights Amendment. I always knew the story, but never knew how much the ERA was a foregone conclusion until reading various reports.

Despite Phyllis' crabbiness (and obsession with mexican truck drivers and the forthcoming North American Union) in her old age, she's an amazing character and that story is a true underdog triumph. Not to mention the cool 70s soundtrack music you could use and the incredible costuming.

The Oscar goes about Amy Adams? (I know, she's probably a lib)

... Love it -- and love the cool 70s soundtrack idea!


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