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Reader Email

A reader who has been canvassing for McCain in PA sends me this update:

I took a bus yesterday from NYC to Bristol, Pennsylvania where I went knocking on doors trying to convince people to vote for John McCain. The town is primarily comprised of Irish Catholics who voted for Hillary in the primaries and were undecided as to who to vote for tomorrow. We talked out the issues: Health care, Taxes, Experience, Palin and the Phillies! These were honest working class Americans who turn on their TVs and believe whatever is said to them. They sincerely believe that if Keith Olbermann is telling them that Obama is the Messiah and McCain is going to die of melanoma that it is true! I was shocked at how many undecided voters there are in this election. Especially in the liberal town of Philadelphia.

We heard stories of closet McCain voters (they tell people that they support Obama but they really like McCain), mixed marriages (McCain/Obama), vandalism (Obama campaigners were ripping down McCain signs, forcing stickers on woman and dogs). We spoke to people who are distraught and unfortunately unemployed due to the present economic crisis. Some of these people where white picket fence/ flag waving Americans who were shockingly Obama supporters...others were Vietnam vets who jumped for joy at the mention of McCain's name.

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