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McCain Surging...

On the McCain conference call....

... McCain Political Director Mike DuHaime reports that the McCain campaign is blowing away the Bush/Cheney '04 grassroots efforts.  According to DuHaime, McCain volunteers have made 24 million
targeted contacts.  He predicts they will make another 17 million contacts (phones and door-to-door) between now and Election Day...

UpdateRick Davis notes that the half-hour Obama ad was, "mostly watched by Obama supporters."  He referred to it as an interesting use of 5 million, and noted that Obama could have run a week's worth of 30 second ads in almost all the targeted states, for the same amount.  "We don't see any evidence that was a game-changer or did anything other than communicate with their base," Davis added.  In short, Davis seems to believe that Obama has wasted some of his overwhelming resources.

Update:  Rick Davis just noted that McCain would spend today with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ohio.  On Sunday, he will do what they are calling a "nostalgia tour" of New Hampshire.  On Monday, Davis reports, McCain will hit seven cities in seven states.  And then on Tuesday, McCain will be in Phoenix. 

Rather than defending Red States, it seems McCain is now on the offensive, fighting for states like NH, IA (Bush won it, but it was written-off as an Obama state), and PA....

*** Davis also predicted McCain will out-spend Obama in this last week on TV!


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