Rudy Giuliani on Joe Biden's Comments

Posted: Oct 20, 2008 4:14 PM
Rudy Giuliani and Randy Scheunemann held conference call today regarding Joe Biden's statement that Barack Obama's election will precipitate an international crisis.

Scheunemann opened the call by saying Biden's comments were the definition of a gaffe -- which is a politician inadvertently telling the truth.  He also added that weakness invites challenge and testing.

Scheunemann also compared McCain's military experience to Obama's community organizing, and went on to say: "There are enemies of the United States who are awaiting results of this election."

Giuliani said Biden "seems to be predicting some very serious incident that's going to take place" and speculated that these comments mean "Joe Biden continues to harbor serious doubts about Barack Obama.  

Regarding the media's treatment of this, Giuliani noted that, "Joe Biden is able to say things like this ... and no one in the media questions him about this." He also added that if a Republican said what Biden said about Obama, the front page of the New York Times would say that Republicans were "raising scare tactics."

Noting that it is not automatic that other countries challenge a new president, Giuliani said:  "No one tested Eisenhower's mettle and no one tested Reagan's mettle."

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