What You're Not Seeing on TV

Posted: Sep 02, 2008 10:33 PM
Fred.jpg picture by MattLewis01
A huge image of John McCain is projected while Fred Thompson speaks.

I can't recall a convention speech where visuals were utilized to the extent that they are for this one.  The TV occasionally shows the images that are being projected behind Fred Thompson -- but TV fails to capture the impact these images have.  Clearly, there is a precise choreography involved in matching the huge pictures to the words Thompson is speaking.  Of course, Thompson is laying out McCain's bio -- so the pictures are especially appropriate. 

At one point, a picture of John McCain and Tim Russert appeared.  The audience applauded wildly, but folks watching on TV at home wouldn't have understood why.  This is just one reason it's important to be at the convention...

Update:  John Hanlon emails to tell me that folks watching on Fox saw the Russert picture at the same time as the applause.