Hillary Veep Speculation

Posted: Aug 21, 2008 11:47 AM
I got this email from a Townhall reader who is a Hillary booster:

"I think all these trial balloons are just a distraction.  He doesn't need to vet her (very much) because its already been done. She already has a Wed. speaking spot which is normally the day for the VP, so it's convenient while also being suspicious. I'm sick of hearing that he won't do it because of Bill. If Obama is smart enough to be president then he should be smart enough to figure out what to do with Bill. He's going to be dealing with leaders tougher than that. All of the VP names that are being tossed around have their downsides. She's the only one that could really give him the boost he needs. There are still nearly 25% of Clinton supporters pledging not to vote for him. I'd say the campaign is in panic mode right now. But it could be someone that hasn't even been mentioned. Either way, I think we are being set up for a surprise."