Conservative Pundits Become Obama Apologists?

Posted: Jun 20, 2008 11:18 AM
I'm greatly disturbed by the willingness of some pundits -- even conservatives -- to spin Obama's decision to break his word regarding public financing. 

Pundits ranging from David Brooks to Peggy Noonan have actually argued that this spineless reversal shows he's tough enough to negotiate with the bad guys (though they both admit he sold-out his principles, they argue that this ruthlessness might show his toughness, too). 

I haven't witnessed spin like this since Bill Clinton's apologists argued that his peccadillos actually showed he was an alpha male like FDR and JFK ...

The point should be made that it takes a tougher and stronger man to stick to his word than to follow the path of least resistance and immediate rewards. 

That's why Ronald Reagan is a better hero than the rest.  So-called conservative pundits -- who are essentially praising Obama for being tough enough to break his (written) word -- ought to remember that. 

Character without toughness is certainly not a good recipe for a president.  But toughness without character is a much, much, more dangerous proposition ...

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