Putin's Opponents Vanish From TV

Posted: Jun 03, 2008 9:20 AM
A very disturbing story from the NYT:

"MOSCOW — On a talk show last fall, a prominent political analyst named Mikhail G. Delyagin had some tart words about Vladimir V. Putin. When the program was later televised, Mr. Delyagin was not.

Not only were his remarks cut — he was also digitally erased from the show, like a disgraced comrade airbrushed from an old Soviet photo. (The technicians may have worked a bit hastily, leaving his disembodied legs in one shot.)"
This, of course, brings a few thoughts to mind.  First, it is clear that Putin is still in charge -- and that he is (as everyone knows) a real tyrant.

Second, whenever I hear stories like this, it always reminds me how blessed we are to live in this country where we have freedom.  I can write something on this blog that criticizes the president -- and guess what? -- nobody knocks on my door (and my blog posts don't mysteriously "disappear").  Try that in Russia!