David Brooks Has a Message for McCain

Posted: Jun 03, 2008 8:08 AM
Sometimes journalists stumble onto slogans that are almost too obvious for a strategist to see.  Buried at the bottom of his column today, David Brooks has done just that.  He seems to have inadvertently come up with a simple slogan that McCain's team ought to coopt. 

Here's an excerpt from his column:

"McCain needs to come up with a one-sentence description for why he represents a clean break and a compelling future."
As soon as I read that, I thought:  That ought to be his message!  It's simple, yet hits all the points that McCain needs to hit.  This seems to be to be the slogan McCain's team needs to repeat, repeat, and repeat until average voters are sick and tired of hearing it.  In short, I think this is the "one sentence" McCain has been looking for:

"McCain:  A Clean Break and a Compelling Future ..."

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