Mitt Hits Barack and McCain Needs Huck

Posted: May 09, 2008 8:35 AM
Yesterday on CNN's "The Situation Room," Mitt Romney took a shot at Barack Obama:

... "The truth of the matter is just as I said, that he doesn't have a record of accomplishments in the private sector or in the governmental sector ... hasn't pushed a major piece of legislation.

"He seems like a charming guy who's very well-spoken. But in terms of actually having led, actually having accomplished something, actually having a kind of leadership that America needs at a critical time with our economy ... he's untested. ... Frankly, Sen. McCain is someone who is tested and very proven ..."

Obama later fired back, saying this was the same kind of argument Romney had used against McCain.

Meanwhile, writing in the Buffalo News, Curt Smith makes the Huck for Veep case, arguing McCain needs Huckabee's voters:

Specifically, Huckabee would clinch what McCain aides wrongly “believe that he has already won,” the Wall Street Journal says of bornagains. Despite his recent “guns and religion” gaffe, Barack Obama could loosen such evangelical states as Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and even Mississippi. Recently, Houston TV megachurch pastor Joel Osteen lauded Hillary Clinton for “all you’ve done for America.” Kennedy’s fire wall was LBJ. Huckabee would be McCain’s. Overnight he would make the Republicans’ largest block a GOP pro, not con.

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