Hillary Stayin' Alive

Posted: May 07, 2008 1:34 PM
This morning, I wrote that there was a 30 percent change Hillary would get out this week.  I was just on the Fox News "Live Desk" with Martha MacCallum, and revised it down to 10 percent.

Last night's results mean the pressure on her to get out has been turned up a few notches.  As MKH noted, George McGovern is urging Hillary to get out.  He is, after all, the expert of how Democrats can lose a general election by a landslide -- so maybe his advice is good? 

In any event, Hillary needed to end speculation that she might drop out.  As such, her speech today in Shepherdstown, WV (my alma mater), was a wise move.  It sent the signal that she is, in fact, still in this thing.  That will likely stop the speculation that she is about to get out.  For now.

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