Romney for VP Petition

Posted: Apr 23, 2008 5:45 PM

As you know, I've been actively following the Mitt for Veep movement.  I wanted to update you with my latest find:  ... ComMITTed to Romney has created a Romney for VP petition:

"Sen. McCain, the Republican Nominee for President, has begun the process of selecting his running-mate. The person he chooses must be competent and ready to lead, as they will stand next in line to serve the country from the Oval Office.

We believe that the person best fit to serve as Vice President is Governor Mitt Romney. John McCain has been chosen as the leader of the Republican Party. Mitt Romney is willing and able to lead the Republican party in the future.

Please join us in asking Sen. McCain to choose Gov. Mitt Romney for VP. Signing this petition indicates your support of Gov. Romney."

This question at the bottom of the survey is especially interesting:

"Will you vote for John McCain if Mitt Romney is not on the ticket?"