Franken Caught Lying?

Posted: Mar 10, 2008 1:46 PM
So it turns out that Minnesotta senate candidate Al Franken -- who claims to be a friend of the working man -- didn't bother to carry workers comp. insurance for a company he owned in New York.   For this, he was fined $25,000.  

(This has appeared in publications such as Star Tribune and AP.)

This is only interesting because it is hypocritical;  despite his personal history, Al Franken appears in a video stating, “I love corporations that play by the rules, and we have to make them play by the rules.”

Franken's excuse for not providing the insurance is that he claims to have never received the numerous notices from the New York Workers Compensation Board.  He missed some of the notices, because as Franken's campaign spokesman said: 
The Frankens bought a townhouse in Minneapolis in April 2005. Barr said that the corporation relocated to Minneapolis in January 2006.

... But if Franken moved to Minnesota in April of 2005, why was he still voting in New York City elections in September and November of the same year?  Or why was Franken listed as a NYC resident on his campaign donations to the DSCC in October of 2005 as well?