The Truth About the Lantos Memorial

Posted: Feb 14, 2008 12:44 PM
Liberal blogs are reporting that Republicans disrupted the Lantos Memorial service.

According Michael Steel, a spokesman with the Republican Leader’s Office, the floor action during the Lantos Memorial was the Democrats' fault:

"This morning, during the memorial service for Tom Lantos - a public servant beloved on both sides of the aisle - the House Democratic Leadership violated an agreement and called the House back into session.   They took this action despite clearly understanding that it would trigger a series of procedural motions.  This cheap, cynical political move seems to have been designed to shut down one of the few procedural tools that can be employed by the minority party in the House.  Playing this sort of game during the memorial service of a great and good man is beneath the dignity of this House and should be beneath the dignity of Democratic Leaders." – Michael Steel