Kos on Hill

Posted: Jan 08, 2008 8:31 PM

From DailyKos, earlier today.  They were bashing Hillary, but ironically, they seem to be pointing out why she's winning:

Regardless, the media is unfair. I think we can stipulate that without argument. It sucks. But the Clintons have had every advantage in the world -- just about the entire party establishment. The fact that $100 million, the best campaign team in the (Democratic Party) universe, the bulk of the party establishment, well-placed pundit allies, and a fragmented field haven't been enough to put this thing away for Hillary points to her flaws as a candidate.

It's not the media's fault that people are sick of the Clinton machine and want change. The only reason she has even been competitive is that the "change" forces never coalesced around a single candidate. But even in a fragmented field, Hillary is in serious trouble. God help her if she only faced a single serious candidate. She'd be crushed.

Whining about the media doesn't change that cold, stark reality