DeLay and Blackwell Team Up

Posted: Nov 16, 2007 8:11 AM
Ken Blackwell is a busy man.  Aside from serving as a contributing writer for and a senior fellow at the Family Research Council and Ohio's Buckeye Institute, he's also the new chairman of the Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM).  

Yesterday afternoon, I attended an "on the record meeting" with Blackwell, as well as CCM founder and contributing writer (and, of course, former U.S. House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay, and CCM Board Member David Keene.

So what's the purpose of this new group?  To empower conservatives to compete again:  "When I left Congress," DeLay said, "one of the things I did was start research on what the Left was doing ... and the Left over the last six years has not only caught up with the right -- but they have surpassed us."

DeLay and Blackwell both agree that in the last six or so years, former Clinton Administration officials (John Podesta, for example), have set about an orchestrated plan to build liberal think-tanks and organizations to handle everything from grassroots organization to media.  Ultimately, DeLay and Blackwell believe, their aim is to elect Hillary Clinton.

And while they admit it would be a mistake to try to replicate exactly what the Left is doing, they also agree the conservative movement lacks the cooperation and technological capability to compete right now.

Unlike many so-called grassroots organizations that merely hold press conferences and send out emails, CCM's goal will be to identify and train grassroots conservative leaders to build chapters in every media market in America.  These chapters would be trained to organize efforts to pass conservative legislation by lobbying politicians, holding press conferences in the district, etc.  In short, CCM wants to physically put "boots on the ground."

CCM stresses the importance of working together with conservative organizations, as opposed to trying to replace any of them.

"We don't care who gets the credit for it," Blackwell tells us. 

... "Amen," adds DeLay.

(Eric Pfeiffer has more on the story at the WaTimes.  So does The Hill ...)

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