Around the Net

Posted: Oct 23, 2007 8:12 AM
... The "Deaning" of John EdwardsChris Cillizza writes that former Howard Dean manager Joe Trippi has become an Elizabeth Edwards confidant. 

... RedState has a Fred intervention.

... Dwayne Horner says Chuck Norris is more popular in Texas than Rick Perry.

... A Boston Herald editorial today says of Mitt Romney:  "... the one thing we will not let the former governor do is to rewrite history. So when he says, as he did Sunday night, I fought to make sure we kept our taxes down. I fought for pro-growth strategies. I cut taxes.'  Well, we would have to add that the man had hardly found his way to the Corner Office when his fiscal team came up with a scheme to raise $500 million in fees."

... I'm told ABC News (TV) just did a piece on Rudy Giuliani's friend and business associate, Alan Placa.  This story has been around a long time, but I believe I was the first in the conservative blogosphere to bring it up this election cycle (back in February).

... Katharine Seelye over at the Caucus asks:  "If Rudolph W. Giuliani is leading the Republican field in the national polls, and Mitt Romney is leading the field in the early states, why is John McCain running closer to Hillary Clinton than the rest of the pack?"

... Marc Ambinder has the scoop on why Evangelicals aren't fully supporting Huckabee.

... And lastly, the Las Vegas Business Press reports: "Mayor Oscar Goodman's 'Mob Museum,' a $30 million tribute to the mafia's role in shaping Las Vegas, will certainly be a must-see for the city's tourists. But the mob culture is hardly a thing of the past ..."