Rudy's <em>Move-on</em> to London ...

Posted: Sep 19, 2007 1:28 PM

Following up on his brilliant "Moveon" maneuver, last week, Rudy Giuliani has performed yet another PR coup, by taking his campaign to ... London. 

From the Caucus:

... he sat for a very British “conversation” with Celia Sandys, Winston Churchill’s granddaughter. The campaign had to love it when she referred to the former New York mayor as “Churchill in a baseball cap.”

Not only does this trip help portray him as as a statesman -- and remind folks he of his "Churchillian" 9-11 image -- it also allows him to dominate the headlines for yet another week.  The message is clear: while his opponents are pandering to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, Rudy is already acting as a diplomat. 

And, from PR perspective, this is a "two-for":  Not only is Rudy sending the right message, but he's also sure to get lots of coverage from a political press corps dying for something interesting to cover.   He is, after all, giving the press something new and exciting to talk about (I mean, how many steak fry's or state fair's can you attend?)

Rudy's opponents must feel as if they are being outmaneuvered right now.

Anyone could have stood up to Ron Paul, but Rudy did.  Anyone could have taken on, but Rudy was first.  And now, London. 

Once again, Rudy has seized the moment.