China Preparing to Invade Taiwan?

Posted: Sep 04, 2007 10:15 AM

More concerning news this morning ...  
The Chinese military has been blamed for a hack into a computer network belonging to the Pentagon, according to leaked reports of an internal investigation.

The Financial Times, citing unnamed current and former US officials, said the hack of US Department of Defence systems took place in June

The paper said both the US and Chinese militaries were widely assumed to conduct computer espionage on each other, however the June hack has raised concerns to a new level “because of fears that China had shown it could disrupt systems at critical times.”

"Critical times" -- could mean many things to many people. 

One conservative I spoke to about this speculated that China might do this in concert with an invasion of Taiwan, which would theoretically happen after the Olympics.  

Speculation is that if China were to invade Taiwan, they might simultaneously try to disrupt the Pentagon's command-and-control infrastructure -- and also flood our markets with the over trillion dollar reserve they have in dollars.  In other words, this plan would have both a military and an economic component.

The theory is that while the U.S. might be able to prevent an invasion of Taiwan, we would not be able to do anything about it after the fact.