Thoughts on the Debate ...

Posted: Jul 24, 2007 8:16 AM
I watched the YouTube debate last night. Generally, I found it entertaining. I'm not sure how informative it was, but since I'm not really trying to make up my mind about which Democrat to vote for, so I'm more or less watching this as a pure spectator. (This is actually freeing; sort of like when two football teams you don't really like play each other -- and can just watch it for the entertainment value -- without being emotionally tied to rooting for anyone).

In any event, there were two pundits who I heard make especially good points about last night's YouTube debate:

... Last night on Hannity, Dick Morris made the point that the word "Terrorist" was not mentioned during the entire debate.

... This morning on Morning Joe, Chuck Todd made the point that this wasn't really a "debate," per se, but more of a "Townhall Meeting."

I'm curious to see what other Townhaller's have to say about the debate.