A McComeback?

Posted: Jul 19, 2007 4:37 PM
John McCain was on Capt. Ed's radio show today, with a special message: "Any of our bloggers who are listening, come on, get on board!" he said. "Let's go out together. We'll have some fun."

This sounds a bit like the 2000 McCain on the bus.

The WaPost's blogger, Chris Cillizza asks if McCain is on the mend (H/t: Fonzie who says it's been too long since I've been called a "shill")?

In all seriousness, the media loves to build people up, tear them down, and then build them back up (see Martha Stewart). It would be a great media story if McCain rids himself of his "consultants" and then makes a comeback.

The media built up Howard Dean and then tore him down. Trouble was, they tore him down between Iowa and New Hampshire, with little time for him to regain his traction. In the case of McCain, he has months. And the media will need something to talk about during those months.

Already, you can see his press (and blog) coverage is improving (though it couldn't have gotten much worse). Are we witnessing the beginning of a McCain comeback?