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Honoring a Murderer?

Should a murderer be celebrated? 

It is now clear that pro-wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife and smothered his son.

Of course, many are speculating that steroids played a role:


Fonzie emails me:

I liked him when he was smaller and could move around a lot. He hurt his back then he really bulked up (obviously using steroids.) His wife was a WWF wrestler too. I guess doing steroids for 20 plus years can affect you after all.

This story took an interesting turn when WWE spent three hours honoring Benoit. Obviously, Vince McMahon was in a rush to capitalize on the misfortune. As a result, WWE honored a murderer.

... Many wrestling fans still feel that Benoit should be honored for his wrestling ability. In fact, the YouTube clip above is from a fan.  

Clearly professional wrestling has problems.  At the very least, the WWE should apologize for honoring a murderer.


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