Email on Newt

Posted: Apr 03, 2007 11:57 AM

I've been getting lots of emails about my Politico piece on Newt Gingrich.  Here's one from a good friend in politics, that I thought was especially good:

I think Newt would love the '60s motif of the piece.

Of the existing candidates, no one excites me.

Newt would, even if he couldn't win. (Although the unfortunate part of politics is that you can't beat someone with no one. So........) His Winning the Future was really good, better if you threw out about a quarter of the book where he talks of increasing federal funding of research.

Only Fred Thompson sounds like Newt - more visionary, less pedestrian politics. And, I must say that I am more attracted to him since he took the unpolitical position in favor of Scooter Libby.

BTW, the safe or adult choice in '64 was Rockefeller. He would have given us the Vietnam War and the Great Society without inroads into the South which made the Republican Party a truly national party.