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Straight Blog Express

This morning, Sen. John McCain continued his outreach to the conservative blogosphere, by holding a conference call with bloggers.

Bloggers who asked questions, included: Erik Erickson of RedState, Rob Bluey of Heritage, Philip Klein and Jim Antle from The American Spectator, Kim Priestap of Wizbang, Ryan Sager of The New York Sun, Chris Stewart of Green Mountain Politics, James Joyner of Outside the Beltway, and Skip Murphy and Doug Lambert of GraniteGrok.


K-Lo and Soren Dayton also wrote about the call -- and David All "live blogged" it.

McCain spoke at length about the Democrats surrender strategy in Iraq. Among other interesting comments, he said:

- “Tom Coburn is the best thing that’s happened in the United States Senate in years."

- He does not think any restrictions should be placed on the blogosphere or the internet.

- He is happy with his campaign, but noted: “I’m unhappy with my performance with fundraising – which is my fault – because I hate to ask people for money.”

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