Email from a Reader

Posted: Jan 29, 2007 1:25 PM

Steve from Chicago sent me this email about my Huckabee post:

"No Matt, it's not just you. I am, too. I'm also a socially conservative evangelical Christian as well.

This is the most dangerous thing to hit the Conservative movement since Rockafeller. Whether it's Rick Warren, or Bono, or Mike Huckabee, or any number of southern liberals, the attept (sic) to lure the "values right" through populist economic rhetoric is the biggest domestic threat to our country.
While there are a number of reasons that this is happening, I'll focus most of the blame on the Republicans of the last 10 years who have taken this voting block for granted, thinking all they have to do is stick a gay marriage amendment on the ballot to drive turnout. Leadership has completely failed to educate these constituents on the importance of supply-side economics to the health and well being of our country, AS WELL as how such policies are COMPLETELY in line with their moral and religious beliefs. Not to mention how more money in the hands of government typically results in policies of dubious morals.
Instead, Rick Warren and his ilk have us thinking that the solution to all of humanities problems is further forced redistribution of wealth, as long as it is directed to issues of high moral importance (like AIDS, Africa, and other stuff).
People are lapping this stuff up. I see it in my friends and acquaintances. I'm petrified, because this is a movement that will take a decade or two to slow down if it picks up full steam and gains the highest office. This, to me, is why guys like Kudlow, Toomey, and other Club for Growth types are so important right now. What's sad is that they're being completely ignored for the Huckabee/Brownback/Warren crowd.
We must tie capitalism, free markets, low taxes, and less goverment (sic) to the issues that traditional values voters respond to. These issues cannot exist in silos."