Edwardses: Sure, We Might Endorse...How Many TV Appearances Can We Wring From the Innuendo?

Posted: Apr 29, 2008 4:30 PM

Mrs. Edwards was on MSNBC a bit ago hinting that there may be certain conditions that would inspire her and her husband to make an endorsement before Tuesday in North Carolina, presumably wooing the blue-collar vote from the deck of their Chapel Hill villa.

When asked if John Edwards had not picked a candidate so as to protect himself from "picking a loser," Elizabeth insisted that she just didn't see the point in getting involved. She believes their involvement would do nothing to hasten an end to infighting in the Democratic Party, which may have been true a week ago, but with Obama weakened, a Hillary endorsement from the blue-collar friendly Edwardses might indeed go a long way.
"I'd be surprised, but things can happen any day. Never say never," Mrs. Edwards said from Orlando, FL where she is vacationing with her family. "My current information is not to say any more than I have said and John would have to speak for himself but as I said he's also on vacation."
One wonders if the Prettiest Senator's ego can resist the urge to potentially make or break the campaign for someone and finally end all this "fyyghtin' goin' awn in the poarty."

The last question for Elizabeth was, "How are you feeling?," a reference to her battle with cancer. She promptly turned the answer into a slightly tacky shot at John McCain's health care plan, which is a free-market approach to providing decent health care to the nation as opposed to a socialist plan to provide crappy health care to everyone. Even she sounded uncomfortable using her own condition so obviously as a jumping off point for her talking points. But I'm glad she's doing well, nonetheless.