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Posted: Mar 31, 2008 8:35 AM

Iran-backed Shiite militants have been ordered to stop shooting and cooperate with Iraqi Security Forces by their Iran-backed chubby leader, Moqtada. Sounds like good news, but in Basra, it's hard to know what's good news what with Moqtada's fighters, rogue Iranian fighters, unknown alliances, an impossibly complex political situation, and of course, Iran, Iran so far awaaaaayyyy.

Or, you can skip all the words and look at the conflict in cartoon form.

It can't be a good sign for Clinton when the Sunday-morning show wrap-ups are all titled, "Should Clinton get out?" Don't do it, Hill!

Suck. It. Up

Google's green hypocrisy. Priceless

The Bus on the bus!

McCain will see Obama's compelling biographical narrative and raise him an airfield named in his family's honor. Take that, rookie!

Another anti-war film tanks
. Do markets matter in Hollywood?

Maj. Alan Rogers died in Iraq shielding two men who might otherwise have died, giving Andrew Sullivan and the Washington Post a chance to fight over his sexual orientation. Sheesh.

Arrested for anti-Islam hate speech on a blog: Or, why regulating speech on the Internet ain't such a keen idea.

Business at Planned Parenthood is very good. Well, it does free up a lot of money when you've got no kids!

HUD Sec to resign
, at which point President Bush will announce the disbanding of HUD due to decades of producing not housing and urban development, but projects and urban stagnation. Ha, kidding. One can dream.

The last of the American muscle cars?
Environmentalists will pay for this! Pay, I tell you!

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