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If I Hear...

The Edwardses say "y'all" or "whyyy" one more time in their exaggerated bastardizations of the accent of my home state, I will be tempted to swear off both words myself.

Whyyy? Whyyy, John Edwards, whyyy? Whyyy must y'all butcher the accent I love?

For a guy who just finished second (he's claiming it; not sure about the tallies), Edwards is about the gloomiest winner since Ed Rollins. He's talking about fear and desolation and greed and the shame-- SHAME, I tell you-- we should all feel for not having elected his one-term Senator butt in 2004 to fix the mess we're in through a powerful combination of weepy anecdotes, vague socialist promises, and the engendering of internecine class wars. Cheery!

Hillary speaks: "We're gonna take this enthusiasm straight to New Hampshire. This is a great night for Democrats."

She's being very magnanimous. She's saying tonight shows the country will have a "Democratic" president next year, but she's not presuming she'll be it. Sort of unintentionally defeatist rhetoric.

She sounds tired.


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