On the North Korean Border

Posted: May 30, 2007 11:41 AM

I know it's the NYT and all, but Nicholas Kristof's video-blog is entertaining every single time I stumble on it.

This time, he's on the North Korea/China border, talking to escapees from the brutal NorK regime, who come to China looking for freedom. Of course, the Chinese government often sends them back, and the Chinese good Samaritans helping out can be thrown in jail.

Particularly poignant is one Chinese man who takes it upon himself to raise N. Korean refugee children at the risk of being imprisoned himself.

Last time we checked in with Kristof, he was filing a great report on the effects of micro-lending on an Afghani baker.

I may make him a regular watch.

Update: In other NorK news, the little jump-suited dictator has not been seen in public since April 25, and is reportedly suffering from worsening diabetes and heart problems.