Post-SOTU TV Drama: It's Already Been Broughten!

Posted: Jan 24, 2007 3:04 PM

Ask yourself what it says about the SOTU that this is some of the most interesting coverage. Ahh, politics.

Halfway through Sen. Jim Webb's delivery of the Democratic response to Bush's speech, two of the party's top hopefuls were standing nearly side by side for separate network interviews.

Gasp! They didn't watch the Webbinator? I bet he hunts down every Democrat who was getting their media-ho' on while he was speaking and slugs them, just on principle. "If you're not going to watch me talk about the 'way,' I'll be showing it to you.'

While Sen. Barack Obama donned a microphone at the CNN camera position on one side of a column, on the other side was Sen. Hillary Clinton getting ready for an interview with NBC News. Just then, an elevator around the corner opened and Republican Sen. John McCain came darting out. He was just able to sneak past Obama and the CNN camera before the Illinois senator's interview began.

Now, I'm not a huge McCain fan, but I do enjoy the fact that he comes off much cooler than either of the Democratic front-runners. More serious than Obama, more warm than Hillary. I guess it's to be expected. He's a very experienced media darling.

Clinton wasn't so lucky.

After her NBC interview ended, the "in it to win it" candidate was slated next for ABC, but there was a problem -- the ABC camera was on the other side of CNN's, where Obama was on live TV. The junior senator from New York cooled her heels for some five minutes before her counterpart from Illinois was done on CNN.

Obama brings the drama!

Little did Clinton know, but she was about to get revenge. Obama was slated to follow her on ABC, and since she was late, it was suddenly his turn to wait.

No WAY! And, we wonder why normal people don't pay attention to this stuff.