Clear, Hold, and Hang Out

Posted: Jan 11, 2007 4:19 PM

Uncle Jimbo on the plan:

Previously we would clear an area of bad guys, turn it over to Iraqi forces and police and then head back to our bases. It has proven clear that the Iraqis cannot yet secure these areas after we leave. The change we are making now is to stay in these neighborhoods and well......hang out. Having US and Iraqi forces living in the neighborhoods would safeguard the civilians from militias and give them confidence that they can live reasonably normal lives. The more friends we make, the more tips we get about IEDs and bad guys. Sitting around sipping tea with the local elders may not be the most macho thing, but it is the surest way to gain the trust of the folks who need to believe this whole thing will work.
Read the whole thing, as they say.