Same Old, Same Old: Boehner Elected Minority Leader (Update: They Did It! Blunt Will Be Whip.)

Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:13 AM

Hey guys? Want more of the same? Isn't that what you meant when you voted Republicans out of office?

Good news. The Republican Party delivers!

John Boehner, current Majority Leader, was elected Minority Leader over challenger Mike Pence this morning.

Fox is reporting the vote was about 150-50. Exactly what message did they think voters were sending them?

Major Garrett had an idea: "The election of Boehner is a sure sign that congressional republican believe the '06 congressional elections were a referrendum on Bush, not Congress."

Yeah, you guys had nooooothing to do with it, huh?

The outcome of the Blunt/Shadegg race for Minority Whip is not clear yet, but Fox was hinting that Blunt had clinched it. I hope to God not. Earlier this week, folks were saying Shadegg had a better shot than Pence, so maybe he pulled it out.

Update: Here's what Hotline said about the Whip race this morning:

Minority Whip: Hotline calls show Whip Roy Blunt (MO) and Rep. John Shadegg (AZ) almost even in their race. Some members have suggested that House GOPers who don't pick the conservative Pence for maj. leader will pick his Republican Study Committee colleague Shadegg for whip to show that the party is still seeking change.

Rep. Eric Cantor (VA) insists he's backing Blunt, but this week's news has been dominated by a whisper campaign for Cantor's candidacy. Shadegg announced 11/16 via Roll Call that he will keep Cantor on as chief deputy Whip if elected.

Update: Always trust Allah:

I pray the Republicans will do the right thing. That does not, of course, mean they will.

They won’t.

Update: CNN's reporting that Blunt seems "poised to keep his post as whip," but I still can't find a definite "yes" on that.  

Update: Click this. You need a laugh right now. Hee.

Update: Didn't learn a Lott, did they?

Update: Fox is reporting Blunt grabbed the Whip spot. Woo hoo! Three cheers for an undefeated streak of political tin-earism! Well done, guys. What better way to improve yourselves than to ignore every single one of your current problems, and spurn new leadership?

Update: Allah's providing consolation in the form of Democrat ineptitude, and drinks, I think. Maybe they'll still win the dumb-off? Tough call.