Bush Announcement at 11:35 (Update: Nothing Happened)

Posted: Nov 09, 2006 11:14 AM

Is Bolton toast? Yuck.

We'll be Kumbaya-ing at the U.N. in no time.

You know, because world opinion is of the utmost importance, especially the opinions of Socialists and dictators:

In an extraordinary joint statement, more than 200 Socialist members of the European Parliament hailed the American election results as “the beginning of the end of a six-year nightmare for the world” and said they left the Bush administration “seriously weakened”.

In Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez, an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, applauded Rumsfeld’s resignation and suggested Bush should quit as well. The leftist leader beamed as he read aloud a news report of Rumsfeld’s resignation.

“Heads are beginning to roll,” Chavez said during a news conference yesterday. “It was about time he resigned. The president should resign now.”

Update: Um, is it just me or did he not announce anything? He went to the Rose Garden to announce that he's going to work with Democrats? Weird.