Raaaaacism! It's Still Everywhere.

Posted: Nov 06, 2006 6:01 PM

Mostly in Tennessee. Here's Chris Matthews, MSNBC's resident Southern culture expert:

Blacks vote for whites. Whites don't vote for blacks. It's just been a problem. It's just a horrible problem. I thought he was really courageous in making this run...

Yes, it's so daaaaaangerous to be a black politician in Tennessee:

Tennessee, in particular, was the first former Confederate state to ratify the 14th amendment and it had an anti-Klan law as early as 1868. It elected its first black member of the state General Assembly in 1873—Sampson W. Keeble.

More recently, the state has also elected Harold Ford, Jr. and his father before him to represent the 9th Congressional District from 1975 until now. Those are just a few things you can learn about Tennessee from a quick Google search. The same can be done for any Southern state. The South and its people are not the caricatures the Left makes them out to be.

All right, back to Matthews:

I mean, the larger the black population, where the whites are afraid historically, and in Deep South states, they tend to become very conservative Republican out of fear, whatever, of an overwhelming, or a large number of African-Americans because of the kind of culture...

Yes, as a white woman from the South, I can confirm that we do nothing more than sit around plotting ways to keep our lily-white, freshly starched petticoats out of the hands of big, brutish black men, so afraid are we. I do declare, it gives me the vapors just to think about it. Please. What year is Matthews living in? Is this how people from Philadelphia still think, because it ain't that way where I come from.

I say this as almost like a sermon, but white people aren't voting for black people in this country." 

Thank you, Rev. Matthews. Did it ever occur to him that maybe Southerners vote Republican, not because the Republican Party plays to their racist tendencies, but because Democrats have a much stronger tendency to spend their time smearing all Southerners as racists? It doesn't make one particularly comfortable in a Party if that Party assumes he's racist just by virtue of the fact that he's Southern and white.