Punch Foley for Negron

Posted: Nov 01, 2006 12:38 PM

It's a simple message with a Rocky soundtrack. Looks effective to me.

Note to the Dem coddlers of Gerry Studds: This is how you disavow a child molestor.

(Not an official Negron ad, by the way. Just a helpful hint.)

Here's Real Clear Politics' round-up on Florida's 16th. The Dem is up 7 in two polls, and Foley/Negron is up 13 in one poll. I keep thinking about the Bilbray race in California, where "Duke" Cunningham's corruption scandal was supposed to sink the Republican chances in the special election. And yet it so conspicuously did not. I'm trying to find polling in the general election there, which is a rematch of the spring's Bilbray vs. Busby fight.