Debbie Stabenow's 'Lambert Field' Moment

Posted: Oct 27, 2006 4:05 PM

I can't help but think that, with momentum brewing for Bouchard, and the Tigers in the news an awful lot lately, this little gaffe is not a great one for Debbie Stabenow: 

It's Comerica Park. These are the basics, and this should roll of Debbie's tongue without a second thought-- correctly. There are few things that make you look as out of touch to the average voter as screwing up sports references. The Detroit Tigers are far more important to the vast majority of Michiganders than Debbie Stabenow, and she should at least look like she cares, too.

Another reason momentum is building for Bouchard-- a recent poll showed him down just 6 points-- is that he's a dang good candidate. I got to talk to him on the phone today in between all the other work he's doing.

On coming down to the wire in a close campaign:
"I've been in this spot before," he said, referencing a run he made for State Senate to topple a 10-year incumbent. "We've got a lot of momentum. She's attacked me now with a fourth ad, which doesn't happen unless they don't like the way things are going."
On Michigan's economic troubles:
"We're the only state that's going in the wrong directions economically. Her prescirption is to make taxes higher and make regulatory costs higher...She wants to blame it on Bush, but 49 other states are going in the right economic direction. Somehow he (Bush) managed to cull from the herd Michigan and punish it?"
On Michigan's reputation for closing late, his experience in that area, and the GOTV efforts:
"You just keep your head down, run hard...Michigan's always a late closer, a state that will be close...We've got a lot of late deciders, independent-minded voters."
He pointed out that Stabenow was behind 17 points about three weeks out before she toppled Spencer; Gov. Engler was down 10 or 12 points the night before he toppled Blanchard.
"People affectionately call me a campaign demon."
"It's also very dependent on who actually goes to the polls and votes...I think it's very hard sometimes for the pollsters to get a good sample (in Michigan)." 
On immigration: 
"Im discussing it a lot. She's trying to run from it because she's on the wrong side of it."
"People are angry about it (her vote against an amendment that would have prevented illegals from collecting Social Security benefits)."
"Anytime you incentivze something, you get more of it."
In Bouchard's home county of Macomb, Tancredo won a local straw poll for president, so they're serious about the issue.
Give to Mike Bouchard via Rightroots. He's a great candidate, a good conservative, and a really likeable guy. I think it'd be a treat to have him in Washington; I just kinda pity him for having to hang out here if he wins.
He's also got a ton of entertaining web ads and videos at his YouTube channel, if you're not busy and feel like watching.