Some Have Called My Silence Deafening

Posted: Oct 16, 2006 11:03 AM

All right, I'm ready to talk now. The Dawgs are trying their best to ruin football for me this year. Saturday, they went down to Vandy, 24-22. Vandy?!?

The last time we lost to Vandy, I was going to junior-high dances. Luckily, I not only have readers who taunt me in my sadness, but I have readers who try to cheer me up. Thanks to tdau1997, I can remember why I love football even when the Dawgs are losing to Vandy. Vandy?!?

I got this picture from tdau. He took it at an Alabama pee-wee football game, where the mighty Falcons extended their record to 13-0. Please, no comments about how they might stand up against the Dawgs.

Is that not the greatest picture ever? Rock on, little man.

In other football news, I have not finked out on my bet with Preston at Six Meat Buffet. I just got my heinous Vols shirt in the mail Saturday. Yes, it was on Saturday--the day the Dawgs lost to Vandy, Vandy?!? -- that the Lord saw fit to plop a Tennessee shirt on my doorstep. Nice. It's, um, really orange. I couldn't quite stomach it today, but I'll throw it on before the week is over.

Then, guess what came in the mail today? A Sports Illustrated with the Georgia/Tennessee game on the cover. Why has thou forsaken me, Lord? The cover story is "SEC Power: The Southeastern Conference Proves It's the Toughest in the Country." So, I guess we're the worst of the best. Heck yeah.

Anyway, taunt away if you wish, but don't get yourself banned. Ha ha. And remember, even if we're not winning, the Dawgs are not these guys:

Unspeakable thuggery. You'd think they were at a Minutemen speech or something

Update: From Steve Barton in comments, the Larry Munson quote of the game.

"This Vanderbilt team is like kudzu, turn around on it and it creeps up and grabs ahold of you."