28 Month-Sentence for Terrorist-Assisting Lawyer, Lynne Stewart

Posted: Oct 16, 2006 3:19 PM

Her lawyer's name was "Fink." Indeed.

John Stephenson: "Yes, I’m dissapointed. This traitor deserved to die in prison…it’s as simple as that. This is an absolutely outrageous ruling letting this scumbag get off so light!"

Ace: "We seem to have a lot of judges who view treason* as an acceptable form of political expression."

LGF: "For her part in aiding the global jihad by disseminating messages from imprisoned World Trade Center bomber Omar Abdel-Rahman, radical leftist lawyer Lynne Stewart has received an outrageously light sentence."

Michelle Malkin: "Stewart deserves the max for conspiring to spread violent messages to Rahman's followers--actions which resulted in the death of some 100 tourists at Egyptian resorts. Also found in her law offices: a draft fatwa from Rahman calling on jihadists to kill Americans and their children until his release is won."

Sister Toldjah: "28 freakin' months."

Tammy Bruce:

"If you send her to prison, she's going to die. It's as simple as that," defense lawyer Elizabeth Fink had told the judge before the sentence was pronounced.

They should have thought of that before she helped a terrorist. Butit really doens't matter. At this rate. Stewart will have other "health problems" in prison, and will probably serve less than one year. So, in today's world, explode a nuclear bomb, get your cognac taken away. Help a terrorist--get free prison health care and hero status amongst the lunatic left.


Right Voices: "...how is this a victory?"

Allah: "fiasco," plus lots of updates.

Background on the lovely Lynne. Watch this. It'll turn your stomach, combined with the sentencing news. Fair warning.